Generating Solutions in an Era of Fast Knowledge Obsolescence.

By Helena M. Herrero Lamuedra


Longevity and knowledge obsolescence are disrupting culture attributes and leadership capabilities, among other aspects of our modern lives.

Technology is the driving force behind us living longer, as well as raising levels of uncertainty when solid facts are smashed by new discoveries.

This dynamic is changing forever an organizational cornerstone: POWER.

How can anyone be sure that s/he fully understands the complex problems that organizations are facing today, in an ever-changing environment that sometimes bring unforeseeable rules? The answer is… well, you can’t!

The best antidote to this is to gather the wisdom of the many… so, reach out and collaborate.

From the perspective of the individual, collaboration is both an intellectual and an emotional act: it implies the realization that knowledge is a social construct (rather than a privilege of a few) and a mindset shift from entitlement to vulnerability.

From the perspective of the organization, collaboration is the only path forward to ensure a deep understanding of what needs to be solved to effectively evolve. The collective resources of a diverse group are required to design solutions that matter to clients, and the necessary community support to do what was not done before but needs to be done.

How may an organization start to change gears towards collaboration?

  1. Leverage meetings to discuss client pain-points rather than use them as show-and-tell venues
  2. Make sure your lay-out allows employees to see each other and prompts them to hold conversations rather than encourage communication only through emails ccing too many people and
  3. Ask customer-facing employees their opinions and suggestions rather than trying to design solutions from the ivory tower.

In summary, in the long run collaboration is the chance for organizations to meaningfully sustain and increase relevance for clients, employees and investors.

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