CEblog (2)noun


1. a fine cord of flax, cotton, or other fibrous material spun out to considerable length, especially when composed of two or more filaments twisted together.


2. twisted filaments or fibers of any kind used for sewing.


3. one of the lengths of yarn forming the warp or weft of a woven fabric.


verb (used without object)


1. to thread one’s way, as through a passage or between obstacles


2. to move in a threadlike course; wind or twine.


Places triggering memories, and helping us to keep ourselves whole.
My recent trip to Puerto Rico made me go back three years, to the last occasion when my Dad and I shared quality time, just the two of us, in a city he loved.
Old San Juan witnesses our walks, conversations, reflections, and laughs. For me was a conscious decision to spend time (I knew was the last opportunity) with a controversial influence in my life -probably the greatest influence, before it was too late. I couldn’t do the same with Mom -I was not aware the last time she was in good health visiting me in occasion of my 50th birthday that was it, I didn’t pay attention -busy, busy, busy doing something else.
I wanted to be different with Dad, I wanted to plan to be together, to slow down my pace by design -I realized he was slower and trembled, the always strong oak now looking for support and minding his surroundings before stepping into the next thing.
I cherish that trip, the places we were together in. I recalled in my mind several times during these last years, and when I saw in the real world in 3D those places, the emotion caught me. Was cathartic, strong and unforgettable.
Someone said we are our memories. I like to recreate mine, and share with the new generation of my sons, nieces and nephews, to keep alive and honor those that passed, while we construct the family traditions.
Breathing in, I am Here. Breathing out, I am Now.


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